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XUL App Launcher .


XUL App Launcher (XAL) is a light C program for the Windows platform.
Placed into the main folder of a XULRunner application, alongside the application.ini file, it will launch the application, invoking Firefox with the -app argument. When used in command line, any other eventual arguments is passed to Firefox too (like -jsconsole for example).

This program is useful for XULRunner applications which doesn't embed XULRunner themselve, but rely on it or Firefox.

The benefit, compared to a simple batch file, is that there is no black command window opened. And you can embed an icon, and some usual text informations, to the executable.


MIT license
(yes, it's free as a beer and as a free speech, and open source)


download xal-src-1.0.tar.gz

date : 2011-05-17

The archive contains an executable named xal.exe that you can use as is, simply copy this file into the main folder of a XULRunner application, alongside application.ini. You can rename xal.exe like you want, for example myapp.exe.

And, of course, the archive contains the sources and build instruction too.
Its code is independent of the Mozilla source code. It means that you can compile it with any C compiler. Personaly, I compile it with MingW, from Linux.


1.0 :