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Khromaxul .


Khromaxul is a collection of XUL widgets to create an advanced color chooser.

Its initial purpose is to create an extension for Komodo, but these elements could easily be reused by any XUL project, extension, or xulrunner application.

These elements are encapsulated in XBL, some use SVG, and they require gecko >= 1.9.X (firefox >= 3.x). Some JavaScript modules are also available, to work with colors in different spaces, and to work with files like Gimp Palettes.


MPL 1.1 / GPL 2.0 / LGPL 2.1
(yes, it's free and open source)

Komodo Extension

2 tools are available: khromaxul window scroll palette

version 0.3alpha for Komodo 5.x

warning, this version is a alpha one, i.e. a test version !

download khromaxul-koext-0.3alpha.xpi

date : 2009-07-30


These XUL demos require a browser based on mozilla >= 1.9.x (Firefox >= 3.x).


Downloadable archive, which contains XBL sources, JavaScript, the documentation (also visible online), the demo, and the tests files.

version 0.3alpha

download khromaxul_src-0.3alpha.xpi

date : 2009-07-30

mercurial repository on bitbucket (trunk, unstable).

If you use this code in a project, I will be happy if you let me know, but there's no obligation ;) .


0.3 alpha :

0.2.2 alpha :

0.2.1 alpha :

0.1 alpha :