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Boox (version 1 & 2.x) allow to import its own personal stylesheets in the feed viewer.

Here's a first importable theme, springtime :
springtime-mini.png, 4 kB

download for Boox 2.x.

download for Boox 1.x.


To import it, download the archive, decompress it, open the Boox settings, "styles" tab, clic on "import...", and at last open the file "springtime.css" in the decompressed archive. You can now use this theme, choose the "personal" stylesheet.

Important ! : use only themes from trusted sites or persons !

note: generated pages in the feed viewer have changed a little in Firefox 3, so you should use the new version of this theme for Boox 2, or change a little your personal stylesheet if you have created it.

create your own

Of course you can create your own stylesheet. It will be simpler if you use the "" archive during the elaboration of your stylesheet. It contain a XHTML default file to style, and the springtime stylesheet linked.
It will be simpler to work on these files, and import your css in Boox at the end.

download for Boox 2.x.
(all stylesheets available in Boox are joined too, you will be able to make some variation easier ;) ).

download for Boox 1.x.

technical restrictions

Some restrictions (minor) are applied to the imported CSS :

You can mail me your created themes if you want, if I like them I'll put them here to download ;) .