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Play All is an extension for the Firefox browser (version 1.5 to 10), to read with one click all the linked multimedia files of the current page into your favourite player.
You have as well the possibility to choose multimedia files to be launched in a sortable list, always in one clic, or to run only one in a list.


Play All add an item to the contextual menu, and a new button for your toolbar. Right clicking on the toolbar, choose 'Customize...', drag and drop the 'Play All' button.

In the Play All setting, choose a compatible player:

examples under linux (ubuntu) :
examples under windows :
examples under mac :

On Mac, the new version of Play All should work. You will have to complete yourself the path to the executable, to target the real binary executable inside the .app Package. MPlayer (original version) seems to work correctly, with the optional argument playlist. VLC seems unstable, with the tested version :( .

A priori, all readers being able to be launched with command line, with a list of links, is compatible.

You can add a optional argument too :
examples, full screen : -f for VLC, /fullscreen for Media Player Classic.

The program will be launched like this:
program optionalArgument link1 link2...

Play All will launched all linked files with an extension defined in the settings. Default list:
.avi, .mpeg, .mpg, .wmv, .mov, .asf, .mp3
All imbricated Frames are treated.

Available localizations

English (en-US), french (fr-FR), arabic (ar), catalan (ca-AD), chinese (simplified) (zh-CN), chinese (traditional) (zh-TW), corean (ko-KR), czech (cs-CZ), danish (da-DK), dutch(nl-NL), finnish (fi-FI), italian (it-IT), polish (pl-PL), portuguese (pt-BR and pt-PT), romanian (ro-RO), russian (ru-RU), slovak (sk-SK), spanish (es-ES), turkish (tr-TR).

(Any translation proposition is welcome)


MPL 1.1 / GPL 2.0 / LGPL 2.1
(yes, it's free and open source)


install playall-0.6.3.xpi

download playall-0.6.3.xpi

Firefox 1.5 to 10 compatible.

date : 2012-02-02



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contextual menu

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files selector

files are sortable by click on the column names, or by drag and drop

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0.6.2 -> 0.6.4 :

0.6.0 -> 0.6.2 : -> 0.6.0 :