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Distribute your XULRunner app

version 1.1 - 2011-06-15

downloadable archive of the howto: howto_dist_xul_app_1.1.tar.gz

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1 - Preamble

Purpose: you have made a nice XULRunner application, that you want to distribute as friendly for all platforms supported by XULRunner.

This is a small piece of code, you don't want to distribute XULRunner itself with your application (*).

I will share with you the result of some of my experiments and web researches, to package it and resolve some platform specificities.

We will see how to create a launcher, sometime based on Firefox with the -app argument (which can be used as a XULRunner runtime), and how to create common installers, deb and rpm for Linux, a nsis installer for Windows, an application bundle and a dmg for Mac OSX.

We will use the 'Hello World' application as example, from And all of this will be performed from Linux.

All comments and feedback will be really welcome ;) , if something seems wrong to you, please comment.

(*) Note: but if you embed XULRunner into your application, this information should be still useful ;) .

Here's the complete incoming plan:

Distribute your XULRunner app

2011-06-15 - Nicolas Martin

The myapp application, used as example, from, is in the Public Domain.

The icon used is from the Tango Desktop Project, and is in the Public Domain.