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Valid HTML 4.01 Strict

strict HTML tests :
embed content with object tag

meaning of the results :
sucess : the embed content is displayed.
degrade correctly : the alternative content is displayed. Perhaps an other plugin would be able to display the content.
failed : the content is not displayed, or the alternative content, or other problem...

details of the tested browsers and theirs plugins

type mime real audio


mime type: audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin

balises objects imbriquées avec commentaires conditionnels d'IE

<object classid="clsid:CFCDAA03-8BE4-11cf-B84B-0020AFBBCCFA" width="320" height="240">
  <param name="src" value="data/test.rm" >
  <param name="controls" value="All">

  <!--[if gte IE 7]> <!-->
  <object type="audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin"
          data="data/test.rm" width="320" height="240">
    <param name="controls" value="All">
    alt : <a href="data/test.rm">test.rm</a>
  <!--[if lt IE 7]>
    alt : <a href="data/test.rm">test.rm</a>

result :

alt : test.rm
observed results in various browsers :
Firefox 1.5 Firefox 1.0.7 Opera 9 Konqueror 3.5.2 Safari 2.0.4 IE 7rc1 IE 6 IE 5.5 IE 5.0.1 IE 4.0.1 IE Mac 5.2.3 Lynx 2.8.5
success success degrade correctly (#1) failed (#4) degrade correctly success success success failed (#2) failed (#3) failed (#5) degrade correctly

#1 : it's like the plugin isn't present...don't understand.

#2 : plugin problem, it is loaded, but impossible to play.

#3 :two blank zones are displayed. IE4 don't understand the conditional comments, and the plugin failed to be loaded.

#4 : In Konqueror, plugin problems, the video isn't displayed, only audio works.

#5 : In Safari, plugin problems, the video isn't displayed, only audio is played, and as soon as the page is loaded.

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